Embedded Videos in Firefox

I'm trying to embed a variety of types of videos in my Storyline project to be viewed in HTML5 in Firefox, but to no avail. The actual video shows up, with buttons and everything, however I can't actually click the buttons! 

I have tried embedded videos for youtube, vimeo, wistia, and just raw video files, but nothing seems to work. Again, the video player shows up along with buttons that change upon roll-over, but they just won't click! The embedded videos work great in Chrome, Safari, and IE, just not Firefox.

Any ideas?

Attached is a screenshot of what I see.


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Rick Cheeseman

I checked out the link that Justin provided regarding html5 and Firefox ("its support for the HTML5 standard is so poor") : The only browser that scores higher than Firefox 47 for html5 support is Chrome 51 (456 vs. 492).   However, IE 11 and Safari 9.1 are both far worse (312 for IE, 370 for Safari).  Even Firefox 40 scored 429 so to state that Firefox "is so poor" is very misleading and re-asserts the question why IE and Safari can be supported but Firefox cannot.  It is certainly not because Firefox support of html5 "is so poor" that "we prohibit support for it within our HTML5 output".  

A more technically accurate and appropriate explanation would be welcome and best would be a complete solution.  Storyline has to work on Firefox as well or better than IE, Safari, or Chrome.  It is ubiquitous and the only major independent browser for many operating systems.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Rick,

IE isn't supported for HTML5 as detailed in this link of our supported browsers. I see that when Justin shared the link it was for an earlier version of Firefox, and our product team is always looking at increasing the browser support based on changes each platform is making and how that interfaces with Articulate output. We typically look at updating our system and viewing requirements with new releases of our software, and Storyline 2 was initially released in 2014. I know a number of forum users have mentioned content works well in Firefox with HTML5, so it's something you're welcome to test but it's not something we currently support.