Embedded videos on iPhone

Hey Heroes,

in the moment, it seems I am pursued by bad luck.

I embedded a lot of videos in a project, but they won't play on iPhone. I tested it with the current AS1 and AS2 - embedded videos won't start on iPhone. But when I start a content, that I produced in last sommer everything is fine. What was changing inbetween?

Examples of new tests - videos not playing on my iPhone 4, IOS 7.1.1:
AS1: http://www.sedlak-partner.com/lernplattform/oeffentlich/test-asl1/
AS2: http://www.sedlak-partner.com/lernplattform/oeffentlich/test-asl2/

Old project that works well (the videos are partially the same):

Please tell me I just need to update my IOS. 


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