Embedded videos Playback issue

Hey all.

I hope you can help me on this one? I've published some elearning content that contains an MP4 video embedded within it. The content all loads fine but on some systems the video plays and on others it is just a white screen and doesn't load. To make this even more interesting, the same systems that won't load the video in one LMS (Cornerstone) will load it (video included) completely fine in Moodle... And in Cornerstone there is a pre and post published state - in pre publish the content is fine and all loads, but in post publish the video doesn't.

So, my question is this: Do you think that it is a problem with the elearning content, the IT systems we are using or with the post-publish section of the LMS (Cornerstone)? Has any-one else experienced this before?



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Christie Pollick

Hi, Aaron -- Thanks for reaching out, and sorry to hear of your troubles! As you mentioned you are publishing and testing in different LMSs, may I ask if you have also had the opportunity to test your content in the SCORM Cloud, as well? If your content plays properly in the SCORM Cloud but not in your LMS, typically that would indicate that the issue could be more with the LMS than the course itself. You may also want to check out this article on How to Troubleshoot Your LMS with SCORM Cloud

Aaron Tuckwell

Hey Christine! Thank you for the reply and the link. I'd forgotten to mention that I'd already put the learning through its paces on SCORMCloud, which returned no errors or problems, so I think it is the LMS. I've forwarded it on to them to investigate, so fingers crossed for a solution from them! :D