Embedded YouTube video will not play on iPad

May 20, 2013

I inserted (Insert...Video...Video from Website) a YouTube video in my course using the embed code from YouTube. When I view the course after uploading it to our host server the video plays fine on my computer. However, on the iPad when I go to the course page in Safari the initial screen of the video displays, but when you play it nothing happens and there is no audio - just the screen shot. When I tried it with the Articulate Mobile Player (which we're not using for this client) all I got was a blank screen - not even the initial screen shot. Any thoughts on why the video will not play? Thanks.
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Mark Mulkerin

iPads and other IOS devices don't support all video formats.  There are converters that let you play say flash videos on IOS, but then you would have to rely on your target audience having any necessary converters installed and them working with AMP or Safari.  If it is your video, I'd recommend publishing it in an IOS supported format.  At least, that is my understanding of the issue, perhaps someone has more knowledge.  Good luck.

Peter Anderson

Hey Rodney

There are two methods for inserting YouTube videos into Storyline. If you use the Insert > Video > Video from Website option, YouTube videos won't work in HTML5 or the Articulate Mobile Player app for iPad, because they're wrapped in a Flash control.

If you'll be delivering your Storyline courses via HTML5 or the Articulate Mobile Player, add YouTube videos via Insert > Web Object.

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