Embedding 360 Videos from YouTube in Storyline 2

Jul 12, 2016

Has anyone tried embedding 360 videos from youtube ? I tried but it doesn't work. So just want to find out if anyone has any success in doing it.  Thanks !

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Gary  Mok

Hi Michael

Thanks for trying it out. Click on your link and it works. I tried replicating it by inserting web object, followed by link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/ge4ejwUsCOw . After publishing it in SCORM Cloud (using chrome browser), the video remains blank. Will it be possible to share your working file with me to cross check what when wrong from my end?  Thanks a million.

Gary Mok

Dave Goodman

I am surprised that so little posts are related to 360 video. This seems to
be a great service to understand and then to learn all of the required
work-arounds like IE browser issues, embedding players into training,
working with Storyline 2 and Articulate 360 to determine the differences,
etc. If anyone is still on this discussion, please respond and maybe we can
learn together. Tks.

Robert Edgar

Hi All. Just throwing my hat into the ring for Storyline's supporting 360 videos. We used to have Quicktime VR, that is now an obsolete format. But there are lots of 360 cameras and videos now.

Here's a link to a 360-degree video (also 3D, if you have goggles) I have hosted at Vimeo: 


My interest is to get it working with hotspots that move through time, and as the viewer moves the perspective.


Robert Edgar

Thanks, Crystal. I've submitted the following feature request. I encourage other users who would be interested in such support to submit parallel requests. This could also be used for 360 still images that could be captured with an iPhone. I understand that there are a couple of those in use...

Feature Request Number: 01128947
Request Details:
Support 360 Videos so that we can use hot spots that can be set and triggered through time, and that moves with a pan of the image across the screen. This is very useful for training relating to specific spaces, such as laboratories, or interactions that are time-based (click when someone does x or y). At the moment, we are able to play a 360 video hosted on YouTube of Vimeo inside a Web object in Storyline. However, there are no interactions that allow us to track selections of objects within the video. This functionality used to be availble through Quicktime VR; however this is an obsolete format. 360 video cameras and servers are ubiquitous right now, and it would be great to be able to use them interactively within Storyline.
I'm including a a Storyline 360 .story test that I believe shows what is currently possible. There are five video clips, one of them is a 360 video. There is a hot spot for each video in the middle-bottom area (around the label where it says "Clip X". Clicking it will branch to the next video.

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