Embedding a video or inserting it as a web object


I'm trying to insert an embedded video into Storyline (from Brightcove) and I am having a bunch of issues getting it to work properly. I tried inserting the video as a web object  and it worked perfectly so I am thinking of going that route instead. I have worked with embed codes a lot more than with web objects. What are some advantages/disadvantages of using web objects instead of embed codes, specifically for videos?


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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Yanina - I'm hoping some of your fellow community members chime in with some of their experience/best practices here. My first thought on advantage is space/size and this tutorial shares some of our best practices for web objects since you mention not having really utilized this functionality before.

Yanina Rabinkova

Thank you Leslie! One issue that I am having with inserting a video as a web object is that it doesn't auto play. Under 'options' I set the video to auto load and under 'edit web object' I also checked the load object automatically check box. I've published a few videos and have to click on it to get it to play. Any ideas?