Embedding course in html - iFrame - access control

Hi Community,

In my company we are currently trying to replace existing "e-learning" (which consists of a bunch of mp4 files) with proper material. We are using Storyline 3 and publishing the output for web, which produces the folder structure around the html5 file, which we would like to put on our web server for users coming through our website and logging in with their company account. The problems we are facing are various, but the most serious one is how to get the courses to open in a new browser tab, in the appropriate size, but not with a URL that can be copied and pasted and thus accessed by anyone who receives it, i.e. how can we keep access restricted to only logged in and properly credentialed (?) users. I am sure that we are not the first and only company doing things this way, but if others have faced this issue, I would be interested in how they solved this. I can't find anything in the other forums that I've been to. This is a critical issue for us, so I would appreciate your help!

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Michael Anderson

I've created simple login systems in the past, where we just wanted to keep the general public from accessing a Storyline page we published, but we didn't need strict security. In those cases I created a slide in the project where the visitor had to enter a 6-digit pin in order to get past the initial slide and into the rest of the course. This is not a high security option.