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May 04, 2012

Has anyone experimented with embedding Google docs to an SL slide?  I've been playing around with it but not having much success. 

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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Tom Kuhlmann

What are you trying to do with the Google doc? 

I'll make the file public which gives me a URL and embed code. You can insert the URL via web object. Or you can insert the embed code on a blank HTML page. This page can be uploaded to a server or you can load the html page locally via the insert web object feature.

I've also had some success using the embed code in the insert video from web site feature. 

One thing to keep in mind with Google docs is that many organizations block them or they may introduce something on the page that could interfere with displaying it. I've had issues doing demos and using the google.com domain as a web object in the past. Since you don't control that part of the equation, you're at the whim of Google. 

Which really is the case when you use any outside service with your content. That throws a variable in the process that could impact your course.


Nancy Woinoski said:

Hi Montse, there is an article showing how to do this on the  http://storylineauthors.com  website. Some of the storyline beta testers have put this blog together to help new users get up to speed with Storyline.

Nancy!  Thank you so much for your reply! The Screenr vid on your site was terrific!  I followed along and it totally worked.  I tried something almost identical except I didn't email myself the link.

The procedure worked great.  My client decided not to go with Google docs option but it's great to know.

Thank you again for your fast reply! 

Happy Storylining!


Tom Kuhlmann said:

I created a simple screencast to show how to insert Google doc into Storyline.

Years ago we used to use Survey Monkey to track course completion. But Google Docs makes it very easy. Just add a quiz that serves as a gate. Then when they get to the last slide, insert a Google doc form to collect completion information.

Thank you, Tom! Do you think this option can work to track poll results? How about privacy issues? A concern I've heard is that Google docs may not provide the privacy and security a client requires.  My guess is it shouldn't be a problem.  What are your thoughts?
Ben  Wyse

Is it possible to export a variable value to the Google Docs form? 

For example,  if I want to collect user name info but also their score at the end of a quiz game, how can I record the user score value to the Google Docs.   This is a quiz game module which will be replayed over and over on one computer in a trade show booth.

Each time the new player will step up and enter their information.  At the end, I want to record their score before starting the next player.

FYI, I created some javascript to record the info on the local computer in a text file but I am having all kinds of issues with ActiveX errors and other Windows issues trying to do this.  I can get it to run fine on all my computers but the client's computers will not run it.  All the tweaking of security and ActiveX permissions is not yielding anything.  

So, if I can get an internet connection to this computer, I could host the game module on my LMS and try to approach it another way using Google Forms.

I am running out of time here.  Can anyone help here?   Thanks

Indrani Sen

Hi Tom,

This is so very helpful.  I was successful in embedding a similar form to my Storyline 2 project.  However I have not tested this out within our LMS.  One problem I am having in the Publish view is that I am seeing a Request Edit Option on the upper right hand corner of the page.  This  may be confusing to the users.   Do you have any suggestion as to how to get rid of this option?  Many thanks,

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kirsten,

The link Nancy shared is about 8 years old, so it's likely expired or changed at this point. You can try connecting with her directly using the Contact Me option on her profile.

Storyline allows for text entry into an essay/survey text field and you can read more about that in the tutorial here. 

Our team is tracking requests for a free text entry within Rise 360, so we'll keep you posted on that.

Lastly, you could look at embedding a Google form as a web object if you wanted to provide more text options. And I'd suggest investigating the Google options, settings, and test it out as a user before deploying the course. 

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