Embedding Google Docs into SL1 as Web Object - hiding bits of Google Sheet

Jun 18, 2015


I am using Insert > Web Object to display a Google Sheet.

This question is more about Google than SL, but hopefully someone else has done it/can help.  I have tried Google Sheets help, but hoped someone from the SL community had successfully done this, or knows more about it than me.

My latest Google Sheet is a Leaderboard of Names and Scores, which are generated from SL variables, as they go through the SCORM and lots of people will be doing the SL quiz one after another in a sort of competition.

On Google to get the URL to add into the Web Object, you have the option to "publish to web" or "share" - both give you a URL.

To make it prettier in my SL SCORM, I want to hide the header/footer/column letters etc. from the Google Sheet.

You can put &headers=false&widget=false&chrome=false at the end of your Google Sheet URL to make it hide all the information I want to hide - BUT, this only works using the "Publish to Web" option.

The  "Publish to Web" option only updates the output every 5 mins, so the Leaderboard would not show the new positions until 5 mins later.

The other Google option "share" embeds fine into the Web Object and it updates automatically when there is a new form response, but I cannot hide the additional info around the form.

If I was using SL2, if I understand it right, I think that I could just put background coloured shapes over the bits I want to hide and they'd stay on top of the Web object, but in SL1, the Web Object goes in front.

So after all that waffling, my questions are:

Does anyone know how to amend a Google Sheet "share" URL to hide the headers etc?

Is there another way of embedding a Google Sheet not using the Web Object, so I can put a shape on top of it?

Apologies again that it's not really a SL question.

I have attached pictures of the before and after the gubbins has been hidden, so you can see why I'd really like to do this.

Thank you, Laura



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