Embedding Published Story into a Story


I'm creating a story that will be linking to other existing, published Storyline lessons (published in HTML). We don't want the use to have to exit the current story to access the other lessons.

Originally we thought to try and place these in as flash objects and I also tried as a web object but haven't had any luck.

- Has anyone successfully embedded a published story within another story before?

- Is it a good idea to even do this? or should I just screen capture the published lessons and place as a video?

I'm interested to see what others think about this situation. Is there another option that I'm not thinking of?


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Kevin Dixon


Do you have the raw files from the published content your trying to embed or only the published files? Reason I ask is you could take the raw files copy and paste them as a new scene in the new story and link a button or something to the old story. then at the end of the old story have it link back to the current one. This only works if you have the raw files.

Arran Svadjian

Kevin - Unfortunately I don't have the originals, just a published version.

Steve - The final version of the story I'm working on will be accessed through an LMS. I haven't had any luck inserting the published story as a web object. I'm guessing I'm not putting the published files in the right location. If the final is going to be on an LMS, where should I be putting the published files?

Thanks for your responses

Steve Flowers

You can bundle everything into one package and not have to reference the Web Object from another web location.

  • Take the published output you want to bring into another story and place it somewhere on your drive in a folder.
  • Rename the story.html file to index.html.
  • Insert Web Object and navigate to the folder you created for your published output. Add the Web Object to the slide.
  • Resize the Web Object and place it where you want it.

This will now publish every time you publish your story. It will also be saved in your .story file. A few drawbacks. If your embedded story files had previously interacted with the LMS, they now will not. So you won't get restore of the state of slides or variables. It also won't communicate any scores or completion. It will essentially be a passive content object.

There are ways to make embedded story files communicate TO the LMS. But, unfortunately, not much can be done with the embedded story to connect it for two way communication. The main file initializes communication with the LMS and LMS communication is one-at-a-time.