Embedding Storyline into Moodle Lesson page

Jul 08, 2012

I often embedd short interactive segments into a Moodle lesson page.  Can I do that with Storyline?  If so, how?


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Andrew Elder

Welcome to Heroes, E! Is your question about inserting interactive segments into Storyline, or inserting Storyline content into Moodle?

Assuming the former, interactive segments is what Storyline is all about! It gives you extremely powerful tools to do just that, while allowing you to scale up to your level of comfort and desired options. Everything from quizzes, drag-and-drop activities, matching slides, screencasts and software simulation, audio and video with closed captions and cue marks; it's really got everything you could need. Check out the Storyline Getting Started page to see tons of great tutorials and lessons. You're already tapped into the Forums (smart) where you'll find lots of willing help and (varying levels) of expertise.

Assuming the latter (more likely given the title of your post, but this way gave me a chance to brag on Storyline), you can publish from Storyline in a wide variety of ways, including web, iPad, and LMS (see below). Given that Moodle operates with SCORM and AICC, and Storyline allows publishing in both, I expect you won't have a problem.

Nancy Woinoski

Yes, you should be able to do this by adding a block to your lesson page and then embedding the story.html file in an iframe.

just note that html5 does not support some of the iframe attributes so you may have to fiddle with the code a bit to get it to work on html5 browers (if this is a requirement)


Eva van Venrooij

Hi all,

I hope that this topic, old as it is, still works :)

I have the same problem as E Talboy. I've tried the sollution Nancy described, but it didn't work. When I upload the story.html file and all the supporting files, and than I refer to the story.html file in an iframe, I get the following error, which is - I think - caused by the fact that the supporting files disappear when I save the lesson:


I hope there is a sollution for this problem! As Andrew pointed out, I can also export the animation in SCORM, but I would like to add it to a lesson, because of the many possibilities a lesson provides.

John Black

I don't think there's any way to embed SCORM packages in a Moodle lesson. You could provide a link to a Storyline file that resided in an external repository, but the user would need to click to open it in a new window and close the window afterward. That would be cumbersome.

I'm curious what capabilities you want from a Moodle lesson have that Storyline lacks. The biggest drawback I know about is that Moodle makes it difficult to get data about assessment results beyond mere aggregate scores. That's why I encourage anyone who uses Storyline on Moodle to vote for this issue in the Moodle Tracker.

Eva van Venrooij

Hi John,

Thank you for your reply. I know that I can add a SCORM package to moodle and how to do that. But Storyline has also a html-output. Then I have a story.html file and a bunch of supporting files. This is what I am trying to upload in a lesson. But when I do that, all of the supporting files keep disappearing..

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