Embedding Video Via Web Objects

Hi! I'm trying to embed a video via a web object in Storyline or insert a video from a website. However, my embed code isn't working.

I'm getting the embed code directly from vidyard and putting it in the space provided when I click insert video from a website, but it tells me it isn't a valid embed code. 

Then I tried inserting as a web object. When I did that, i could see an image from my video in preview but Storyline told me preview wouldn't work for web objects. So I loaded it into my LMS, but then the video didn't show up at all. 

Any ideas about why this might be happening would be much appreciated! 

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Liz!

This particular video has restrictions that doesn't allow it to be displayed in a frame. But don't worry, you have two other options:

Would either of those options work for you?