Embedding Voki or Blabberize

I was looking for a way to embed a Voki or Blabberize avatar into my storyline, but have not seen the option to do so yet.  Usually there is an HTML option when embedding in Moodle in my course, but do not see such an option. Am I missing the option somewhere?  I am relatively new to Storyline, but have a good grasp of of its components. 


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Peter Anderson

Welcome to Heroes, Sarah!

I'm not familiar with either of those, and I can't seem to find anywhere on their sites what format they export to. Are they saved as files that you can convert into one of Storyline's recommended formats, or would something like a web object be a better option for you to use them? Sorry ahead of time if I'm not quite understanding what you'd like to do...

Sarah Minnick

Thanks Peter!  A group of us at my school are piloting Storyline for full use in our classes. We are pretty jazzed about all what we can do.

Voki and Blabberize usually generate an embed code that you can then can use in websites and such.  I actually think Blabberize gives you the option to download as a video(after further investigation after posting my question).  With the web object option, it just allows you to copy the URL of a site to use in your Storyline, correct?  I'm wondering if I just copy the URL that is generated for a completed Voki or Blabber in the web object, it should display what I want it to.

Thinking out load here as I try to troubleshoot. 

BTW, Voki and Blabberize are cool sites that teachers and students can use to create avatars(Voki) or manipulate an existing picture(Blabberize) and record your own voice(and other formats) to stay pretty much whatever you want it to say.  For example you could upload a pic of Thomas Jefferson and have him talk about how hot it was during the writing of the Declaration of Independence(since we are just coming off of July 4).

Thank you again, Peter!

mina rami


I have also the same probleme. I'm creating a course with storyline and I don't want to put a video (with a teacher) just because most of the data could be expired next month. So voki looks like the better solution for me....

Can one of you help me ? Here are the different way to publish a voki avatar 


(Sorry for my English... I'm a French speaker)