Embeding stroyline simulations in storyline course

I am currently using Articulate Storyline 3 to record and hyperlink simulations (View mode and Try mode) for training courses. I need to know how I can hyperlink the simulations to the main course without having to house the simulations in the LMS. Is there a way I can embed it in the course (as one simulation not multiple slides)? Could someone help me with this?


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Lauren Connelly

Hi Shital!

I'm happy to help! It sounds like you're including screen recordings in your Storyline course. I love that feature!

Screen recordings can't be exported on their own. They're embedded in the Storyline course where they're built. If you're looking to create screen recordings to be hosted on a website and include the link in the course, I'd recommend using Peek 360.

Keep us updated on what you create!