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Daniel Brigham

Hi, Liz: I commiserate with you. It's a pretty funky substitute, but I will insert a "minus sign" symbol, and then make it a larger font size. Pretty much gets the job done. Looks even better if you sing the chorus of the Who's "Substitute" while you're doing it:

Substitute, me for him

Substitute, my Coke for gin

Jim Dougherty

This is still an issue.  I found a post on how to create endashes and emdashes by typing 2014 & 2015 respectively, select the numbers, etc. -- it doesn't work.  My computer dings an error.  Also I can not insert a symbol and change to Tahoma font as another suggested work around, because when I am typing in the Notes section insert symbol is grayed out.

Does anyone have a method that actually works?  I am using the most current version of Storyline 360.