Emphasis and Motion Path Animations

I have a PPT that I imported into Storyline and several of the animations did not transfer over.  Specifically, Emphasis with Transparency and several motion path animations.  I can't seem to find where these types of animations exist in Storyline, so was wondering if someone on the forum might know where to find these or have a work around.


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Nancy Woinoski

Nope this is not the same issue because the person was having the problem in Presenter.

Storyline does not support motion paths or emphasis.

One workaround for the motion path issue is to create your motion path animation on a blank slide in PowerPoint 2010 or above and then save the slide as a  windows media file ( .wmv). You can then import the video into Storyline.

As for the emphasis - I guess you could try using the zoom feature in Storyline. - it is not quite the same thing but it is a neat way to draw focus to a specific item or items on a slide.

Katie Weaver

A couple of questions about converting to a .wmv file.  I already have the timings set along with the audio.  However, when I save as a .wmv, the imported audio does not transfer over.  In addition, the timings do not work. It plays the animations extremely fast.  I tried inserting the audio into the file, but now the animations play quickly and then audio starts.  How can I slow down the animations/motion paths to match the audio?

Katie Weaver

In addition, I have attempted to set up a slide show with recorded timings and narrations. Using the Sound feature under the Transitions tab, which seemed to work in embedding the sound.  When I Save & Send then Create a Video, I am given the option to record timings and narration prior to clicking Create a Video. It appears the timings work, but my audio does not transfer over into the video.