Empty left pane

In the projects I'm working on, I have the first scene utilizing the Notes and Resources tab, and the next scene only using  the Resources tab.

However, in the second scene, if I have Notes disabled for the slides in it, an empty pane that shows up. I can try just changing the color of the Notes pane to what the background is, but the slide then is just not centered.

I thought this worked before where one scene can show Notes, and other scenes can have it disabled but the player displays the slides without problems. Maybe I'm just missing something? I attached a sample .story.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Rio,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing your sample file.

Anytime you use the sidebar in your course with the Classic Player, a 'placeholder' of sorts remains on all slides as you're seeing.

A couple of options may work for you:

  1. Move the Notes up into the TopBar Left or Right and then the user can simply click when needed
  2. Use the Modern Player, which gives you an icon to toggle as needed

Hope that helps :)