Enable Button 2 after Button 1 has been visited and Learner receives passing score

Jan 07, 2016

Hello Team,

I've a slide with 2 buttons for each part of the final exam.

Button 1 Initial state is Normal and takes the learner to the first part of the exam.

Button 1 state changes to Visited after they've completed part 1.

Button 2 Initial state is Disabled.

Button 2 should change to Normal once Button 1 state is Visited AND the learner has passed the exam's part 1 with 80% or greater.

See attached image to follow along.

Button 2 changes to Normal IF there's not an "Add Trigger Condition".

When the "Add Trigger Condition" is applied, then Button 2 remains Disabled.


What am I missing and or forgetting?

Or is there a better way of achieving this result (Part 1 needs visited and learner needs to pass with 80% or greater)?

Thank you for your thoughts.



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Ron Price

How comfortable are you with Variables?  I think the most bomber way to do this is with a variable.

You could create a "Section1" True False Variable with the default value of False.

On your Result Slide - add a trigger on the Passing Layer that adjusts that variable to True when the timeline starts of that Layer.

Then back on you main slide create a trigger to change the state of button 2 to normal when the timeline starts of the slide under the condition that the "Section1" variable is equal to True.

That would be pretty stable. . .

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