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Mike B.

You might have to set a separate variable as each part of your branch is completed, and then have a trigger on your beginning slide that checks the values of those variables, to make sure they are all "completed" or whatever, and then sets the NEXT button to normal in that situation. Does that sound right?

Walt Hamilton


The Mixed Navigation on the attached file does not show the End/Button until all branches have been complete, which is what I think you want. This has a custom button, but all the triggers for it work for the built-in button, too.

It also has a time requirement for viewing the different segments, but you can safely ignore that.

Melody S

Both your inputs helped. What ended up working was using a Hidden Next button when the timeline started and then a Normal Next button when the timeline starts after the variable became true. The variable became true when all states are visited. I really appreciate your comments.