Enable Next Button at Revisit


I have search on the e-Learning Heroes site to find a resolution to a roadblock I am running into. However, I found a discussion, but it there was not much that I can use to enable the next button.

What I am trying to accomplish is allowing the learner to revisit a slide and have NEXT button to be enabled, so that they can advance at any time during the review of the slide(s).  I am currently using the SL Player – Settings: Free

I do not want the slide properties to be set at "Resume at Save State" because I would like the audio to automatically play when the learner revisits the slide.  

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

I am unable to add the .story, I keep getting page does not exist once I update the discussion (when .story is attached).


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Jeannie Jurado

Hi Wendy,
Thank you responding.

I have the triggers to disable/normal  the next buttons. - detailed triggers below.

Change state of next button to Disable when timeline starts
Change the state of the next button to Normal when timeline ends

trying to figure out how to enable the Next button upon revisit. Variable I used did not work even though I selected to adjust the variable to true.


Ashlee Rainwater

Hi Jeannie, 

You can use a combination of triggers and variables. On the slide following the slide you are working on, set a variable and a trigger to adjust that variable. I usually set the variable name to Slide X visited. I then set a trigger on that slide to adjust variable, Slide x visited, to true when timeline starts. Then go back to the original slide, and add a trigger to change the state of Next button to normal when timeline starts with the condition that Slide x visited is true. 

I hope this helps!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jeannie,

We've had some issues today with loading files here into the E-Learning Heroes forums, so I'm sorry you've run into that! If you'd like to share it with our team to take a look at the file in question you can upload using the form here.  You could also look at sharing a link to another download location where the file is saves such as Dropbox. 

Jeannie Jurado

Hi Ashley,

Thank you for the tip. I have created a case and got a quick response.

I have rec'd instructions and a sample of how I would like the course to behave as far as enabling the Next button after revisit. However, it appears it works for the first slide, but for the remaining slides the triggers and variable used does not show the Next button disabled. It appears to be enabled. When the Next button is clicked on, it does not advance (and that is ok because the triggers/variable are working); but I would like to have the course look consistent with the Next button appearing disabled at first preview.

Any recommendations is greatly appreciated.

Since there were issue with uploading a .story file not sure if it is still an issue (will try). If it does not work below are the triggers, variable, settings, and properties used:

Adjust the variable
Value True
Timeline ends

Change state of
Next Button
Timeline Starts
Condition: Slide Visit
==equal to

Change state of
Next Button
Timeline ends

(would like to keep this property so that audio replays at revisit)
Slide Layer Properties
By User
Reset to initial State

Storyline player: set to restricted.