Enable Printing but not Saving?

Has anyone found a solution for including text within Storyline (or Presenter) and allowing users to print but not save? We don't want learner's to be able to save the text and then distribute it to their friends for free.

Currently it's in the form of a pdf document. Here's the potential solutions I thought of thus far, and why they won't work well:

  • Screen capturing and pasting each page as a slide in articulate. It would be overly time consuming, and while the learner would not be able to save and distribute, they also wouldn't be able to print.
  • Placing it as an attachment in Storyline. The learner would be able to save the attachment and distribute.

I'm thinking that there isn't a solution for this in Articulate, but wanted to run it by the forum. There's a lot of out-of-the-box thinkers here!



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