Enabling disabled the Next button on revisit in SL 2

Jan 14, 2015


I am disabling the Next button in SL 2 using the trigger until the user listens to the end of the slide, but I need this button to be enabled on revisits from the very beginning. Basically my question is how to disable a trigger on revisits or to create conditions.  I tried playing with Resume saved state, but that did not work (the scrollbar shows that the timeline is over but the next button was not enabled anyway. I had to move click somewhere on the scrollbar and then refresh the slide and only then it would work - so that not an option for us and everything now is set to initial state).  Any advice on how can I resolve it.  Would appreciate very much!

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Julie Stelter

Hi Tamara,

You need to use a variable.

  1. When the timeline starts either disable or hide the next button if a T/F is equal to false. When creating this variable set the variable to F to begin with.
  2. Change state of the next button to normal when the timeline ends.
  3. Adjust the variable to true when the timeline ends. 

Upon revisiting the next button will be normal. This can be labor intensive so it is possible to add these triggers to the master slide, especially if you are always wanting the next button state change to occur at the end of the timeline.

Cheers, Julie


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