Enabling next button after visiting scenes

We have disabled the next button when the learner first visits the main menu slide.  Once they have visited all the scenes, we have set a trigger to enable the next button so they can move on to the quiz.  However, the next button won't enable.

I have tested, based on articles I have found on this discussion so that my triggers to show layers and the next button will indeed enable. When I change those same triggers to jump to scenes, then the next button stops working.

By the way, we have three designers working on this project, and all three of us experience the same results.

I have included my test story file in the hopes that it helps.

Thanks for any help you can provide on this.

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Lance

change this trigger on the menu slide.  Because the user is leaving this slide and returning to it you want SL to check the state of each button when the timeline restarts and then trigger the change of state on the next button.

You'll also notice you can see each button change state to visited state briefly before leaving the menu slide.  If you didn't want this to appear you could create a custom 'visited' state called completed and use that with variables in your triggers...but that is purely a personal preference and in no way affects how the slides function.

I opened a new project file and imported yours in to reduce it down from the 106MB as it took ages to save, download and upload.

Hope this helps.