enabling next button when revisiting screens with video content in it.

Hello everyone. 

I seem to have hit a roadblock.


1. I have set my "next" button as disabled when the timeline begins.

2. This slide/screen has a video in it. I have set the "next" button to normal when the video ends. and another when the timeline ends. This works fine.


However when I revisit the slide, the "next" button stays disabled till the video is complete. Is there a way I can change this?

Not the Solution:

The normal method which is used for interactive screens with buttons etc. doesn't seem to work. I usually set a trigger for "next" to be normal if the state of those "buttons" are visited. 

Any help will be hugely appreciated. The course is due tomorrow!!

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Ash P

Thank you everyone for the suggestions. The problem was solved by using a variation of Phil's suggestion above.

1. Created a variable - with the base value as false.

2. By setting a trigger on the video to adjust variable to true. this was the key - I was missing earlier. I was trying to look for slide variables - when it had to be set on the video.

3. And creating a slide trigger to change the state of the next button to normal - on the condition the video is equal to true.