Enabling Seek Bar only after slide timeline ends

Hello Storyline Community,

I've been trying to figure out if it's possible to only enable the Seek Bar on a slide, once the slide timeline ends.

I'd like to force the learner to first view the slide in its entirety without being able to fast forward. However, once they reach the end of the slide, then show the Seek Bar so if they need to review a specific time in the timeline, they can.

Anyone has figured this out already?


Thanks, Ana

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Anna Liu

Hi Ana,

I'm Anna :) and welcome to E-learning Heroes!

For your first question, you can enable read-only for seekbar so your learners can view the presentation until timeline ends. You can do this via the steps below:

  • Navigate to Home tab -> Publish Ribbon -> Click Player
  • From Player Properties -> Features -> Check Seekbar then choose Seekbar is read-only from the drop-down menu


Would suggest that you combine this with restricting the Next button while your course is playing. You can achieve this by:

  • [Still from Player Properties] -> Menu -> Click on the target slide -> then click on the gear  at the bottom of the screen (Additional Option)
  • Finally, from Navigation Restrictions -> choose Restricted from the drop-down menu

However, once you proceed to set the seekbar to Read-only in a specific slide, there is no way at the moment to have it return to its default state (Allow user to drag seek bar). :(

As this is not yet part of Storyline's feature, we would appreciate if you can submit a feature request as this will serve very helpful to the community (Been seeing several posts regarding the same concern).

Thank you and have a good day!