End of Video Cut Off

Finally after being frustrated on multiple projects, I have decided to post on the subject.

If I use a few video in a row (one on each slide), I find that during playback, the last few seconds are clipped, making the final audio un-heard. Very frustrating for me, because I use storyline to produce courses with 10 - 20 slides of video.But the end of each slide is missed ...

My solution for the moment is to grab the timeline, and extend it a few second more. However, the results are still rather unstable. Sometimes it is long enough, and sometimes it is not. (Not to mention alot of extra work).

With Presenter this was not an issue. I wish that presenter 2013 was out, so I could switch back. However, since I need an ipad/html5 option, I cannot do so .. yet.

Has anyone else run into this bug? I am sure I am not the only one, because it has come up on every single of my last 20 projects or so. Unfortunately I realized it too late, and now I am getting many complaints from my customers which I must correct for free.

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Gustaf Sylvin

I have had the same problem now and then. Right now I have a project with the problem. After reading ths thread I thought I saw the light. Well, partly. Two out of four films now beahave as expected. Still, the other two stop when they want to. I have tried several other tricks as well. Jump to next slide when timeline reaches cue point. Negative. Jump to a layer and from there jump to next page. Negative. Use the fist on the computer screen. Negative.

I guess I have to submit a case for this. Strange it has not been fixed although it has been a known problem for at least three years.



Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Gustaf,

Thanks for reaching out here and letting us know you were starting a support case. If you'd like to share your case number with our here we can keep an eye on it as well to share any updates here. Although this thread is a bit longer, it likely encompasses a number of issues and as Walt mentioned the erratic and inconsistent nature make it difficult to track down. The more examples we're able to look through the easier to help narrow down the cause. 

Beth Bailey


I am experiencing a similar issue.

My project is a series of 5-10 second video clips all on one slide, with text interspersed between the videos demonstrating the use of a portion of our website. The last video cuts off about 2 seconds early. Extending the timeline did not help because the project does not end with the video (the project ends with text on the screen).

I am working on the project locally, and the file name does not contain any special characters.

Please help!