End processing of recorder storyline

Hi i play a video by storyline .i want end of other software that can record from screen.i kill storyline when is open but when record from stage ,recording processes dont end and recording continues.i want recording storyline end automatically.on the other hand when outputs storline play a video,other softwares that screen recording ,to end processes.i  dont problem with camtasia but with storyline recording dont end processes and continue screen recording


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mahdi baghinipour

hi and thanks

storyline is foreground processes but storyline recorder is background processes.i must kill background processes.executable file have a  embedded video.this file is output storyline that with enigma software convert to a executable file,this file end foreground processes but  can not end background processes. 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Mahdi,

I do worry that something is being lost in translation - perhaps using Google translate would help accurately state what you're looking for? 

The only way to end a Screen recording in Storyline would be to use the Done button that you showed, or use one of the shortcuts enabled here:

There isn't an option to stop it automatically based on another video finishing.