Ending a "branched" presentation

I have what I call a "branched" presentation. That may not be the correct name for it. 

In the presentation, a user can pick a set of demonstration videos to view from a home menu.  Each link then takes them to another slide where they can view separate videos related to the original topic chosen.  Each video will take them back to the sub-menu slide when the media completes.

My LMS requires a closing question when using SCORM packages. The problem is, I don't know how to make this branch have a closing slide.  When the SCORM package is placed it puts a Finish Button on the screen which takes the user to the closing question after the last slide.

Maybe I've made it too complicated or just need better instruction.  Any input would be appreciated. I've included a link to the presentation in my Articulate online account below.

Jack's Microwave Procedures

I know someone in the Articulate community will have some good advice for me.



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