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Good afternoon. Two users are reporting loading issues in our Articulate presentation in EdX. I've been unable to replicate these issues and the error does not affect all users. Quotes from users to follow. I really don't have any leads on why this is happening.

User #1

"I've now had this module crash 3 times in a row. I'll click the "next" button and it goes into a never ending loop of loading the next page. When i refresh the whole thing starts over. Any chance there could be some intermediary buttons to go back to where you left off? Or even an option to skip a slide without having to wait for the narrator?"

User #2

"I'm having the same issue. Chrome browser, empathizing in the activity. Loading circle... Previously i was on a different computer using windows edge browser and the typing was very slow and poor response. I would have to type 1 character then wait then try another character which would often not show up. That was resolved by going to Chrome, but the loading.."

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Casey,

Sorry to hear about the issue your users are experiencing - it certainly could be frustrating to have that load time and then the course essentially refreshes. You mentioned not being able to replicate it and it's not happening for all users, do you know any more about if all these users are accessing the course through the same network, internet connection? Does the LMS/server you're using report a larger amount of users accessing the course at once? Since it's isolated to just a few users I'd look into those items that could be specific to them as it would see the course itself is fine for other individuals. To help isolate out the LMS you could try sharing another copy with them hosted on Tempshare or SCORM Cloud, but if they are on a bad internet connection as a whole they still may have loading issues there. 

Let us know if either of those change the behavior or any other information you can glean from the community! 

Connor Tunney

Thanks Ashley,

Our users are worldwide. I have very little data to share, but I'll do my best.

They are most certainly not accessing through the same ISP, network or connection. 

I think there have only been 50-100 users so far so traffic is likely not the issue.

Unfortunately, I don't have the ability to host at other locations. This product was made for a client who uses EdX.



Ashley Terwilliger

Could those 50-100 users all have been hitting the site at the same time? I'm not familiar with EdX to know what their bandwidth is but anything is possible? The worldwide users may be more associated with the overall connection issues they're experiencing and although you may not be able to host in another site long term, it would be good data to share with the EdX team if you're able to isolate the behavior to that site.