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Nancy Woinoski

When inserting a new slide you have the option of selecting a template. If you pick Top Interactions in the template drop down list you will see that there are some templates that try to reproduce the Engage interactions. There is one similar to the tabs interaction, process, markers etc.

Not all of the Engage interactions are reproduced here and none of them are exactly the same.

I assume part of the thinking is that Storyline is a different product that has the flexibility to allow users to design all kinds of wild and wonderful interactions. Instead of recreating the Engage functionality, the focus was on opening up Storyline so that you could recreate your own interaction. For those who still want to use Engage, they  have incorporate an  import function so that you can include your Engage interactions into Storyline. The only down side to doing this is that they do not play in html5 or on the iPad iOS if you want to publish in those formats.