Engage files in Storyline- issue with pop-up text

Jul 11, 2013


I am localizing a Storyline course from English into Korean, and there are Engage files inside the Storyline file.  When I publish the file and click the next button on the slide right before the Engage interaction slide a pop up box appears.  I can't find where the text for this pop up box is controlled, either in Storyline or Engage.  Could someone please let me know where to find this, so I can replace the English text with the Korean translation?

See screenshot below:Any help would be appreciated, as these files are due tomorrow!


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Sandy,

If the Engage interaction is inserted in a Storyline project, it should be the Storyline player that's handling that prompt. Have you checked the text labels for the course? It should be listed as number 58 in the Storyline text labels. However, if the language here is already set to Korean, and that label hasn't changed, there might be something else going on.

To check the labels, click on "Player" and in the Player Properties, select "Text Labels":

Let me know if that does the trick for you. 


Sandy Bouman

Hi Cristine,

That text is already set to Korean, and that is actually a separate resume prompt than the one I am having issues with. The one I am having trouble finding is somehow controlled by Engage, I think, because in the Engage file, I can uncheck the box that allows resuming, and it goes away entirely, but I still don't know where the text is located.  For the interest of time for this particular course, I have been instructed to just not allow the resume prompt, but if you or anybody else knows where that text can be found, it would be great to know for the future.

Thank you!

Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Sandy,

Ahh! Sorry about that :) I figured it was one or the other and I was hoping it was the Storyline prompt that was showing up, but I wasn't entirely certain.

Unfortunately, the only labels you can modify with Engage are the "Next Slide" and "Click to continue" buttons/labels. 

However, since you have this inserted in a Storyline project that has its own resume feature, and you don't see the prompt when you disable it for Engage, it might be best to leave that resume feature disabled. This way, Storyline can handle it on its own. I can't really see why you'd end up needing both - and that might be a little confusing for learners. 


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