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Aug 15, 2015

The only posts on this tend to be old with no seeming resolution.  I am working with support on this but curious.

Has anyone successfully imported an existing engage interaction from an old course into a SL2 file form scorm output?

Engage interactions are inserted in a webobject but the address in the webobject on the screen points to a folder that does not exist when the interaction is imported.  I don't know how the magic works behind the scenes but that seems odd to me.

If anyone has had success it will give me some hope that I dont have to recreate all of the interactions from a legacy course that needs to move to a new home.



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Tim,

Thanks for mentioning you're working with our Support team and I see that Karla is assisting you on case # 00625945 so I'll continue to follow along. 

When you say "old course" - do you mean it was created in Engage 09? If so, do you still have Engage 09 or Engage 13? If so, the latter option will upgrade it to Engage '13 before going through the import process.

You also mentioned a web object - and it does insert it similar to being a web object, but if you need to include it for HTML5 output or the mobile player, you'll want to follow the steps here to first publish from Engage. 

eLearning Development

Hey Ashley

The interactions were created in Engage 09.  I had to reinstall it as we have not used it for years.

the page seems to show a web object and when I click on the properties of that web object, the address it points to is a file that does not exist.

I think it may just be easier to spend the time to recreate the interactions in Storyline as I am under a time crunch but if someone does come up with a solution that works that would be great.  also the article you gave me above helps a lot as it points out the limitations in mobile devices.  That points me to recreating the content as well.

Thanks for the help.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Tim,

Yes, Engage does need to be installed to import into Storyline, and if it was Engage 09 you could also have Engage '13 installed it would offer you the option to upgrade. 

When i insert an Engage file into Storyline I just see what looks like an image on the slide, and if I click to see where it's stored it's located in my temp files directory. 

I'll keep an eye on your case as well to see if Karla is able to determine anything else. 

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