Engage Interactions in Storyline

May 29, 2012

Hello all,

I have just read a spot explaining the limitations of Engage Interacttions in Storyline (Flah so not deplaoyable everywhere, tweaking so a whole interaction is viewed before moving on etc). Since HTML5 is topical, is it not possible to recreate Engage interaction in Storyline directly? I was hoping they would be there out of the box (only seen the trial so insure if additional functionality exists in full product)?

Thank you.


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Remi Bath

Hi Ron,

I am building it afresh but the top interactions are basic and I need more interaction. I should really spend some time learning how to do things in Storyline to recreate some of the Engage functionality: having just started, I needed to know if there were shortcuts but it seems not, so I will try longhand (as per Phil's example above). That's a god way to start at the deep end.

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