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Jul 16, 2012

I hope that someone can help.  I am creating a course in Storyline and imported four Engage interactions in my course.  I can see the interactons in the course on the placeholdeer slide and can see them when I use the Preview button on the Option tab.  I can also see the interactions when I preview the entire course using the Preview button. 

The problem that I am having is that the Engage interactions are not displaying when I publish and send a ZIp file to the SME for review.  Each of the screens are blank.   

I have tried publishing the course using the Web and LMS options and zipped the contents, but the interactions will not display when the SME extracts the the contents of the ZIP files. 

I know that the Engage interactions are imported as web objects.  So, I right clicked on the interaction and selected Web Object > Edit > Test Link.  I received the message "Folder Does Not Exist".  Could this be the problem? 

Is there a format that I can use to publish and send so that the SME can view the contents of the Engage interactions?

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Peter Anderson

Hi Sheretta,

When you import an Engage interaction into Storyline, a copy of your original interaction (.intr) file actually gets stored in the Storyline project file. This means that you can transfer your story file to another computer or another developer and still edit the Engage interaction (as long as the other computer also has the Articulate Engage program installed and activated with a valid serial number). Can you confirm that your SME has an activated version of Engage on their machine? Thanks!

Sheretta Roberts

Peter, thanks for replying.  The SME does not have an activated version of Enagage on their machine.  Myself and another writer both have activated versions of Engage on our machines, but were unable to see the Engage interactions when we viewed the content after extracting it from the zipped file. 

There is a group of SMEs that we would like to review the content that do not have the Engage software.  I would like their input about the entire course.  If they cannot view the screens, I will have to consider some other options.  Thoughts?

Peter Anderson

Omar Wilkinson said:

Was this problem resolved??? I am having the same problem with storyline not publishing my imported Engage interactions.  I have rebooted, deleted the interactions and re-added them but nothing solves this.  Please advise as I am on a tight deadline.

Hi Omar, 

Are you being sure to test your published content in its intended environment? For example, are they appearing if you upload your course to Tempshare?

Peter Anderson

Omar Wilkinson said:

I am asking my Web Admin to test the files for me.  Why am I now encountering this problem as I do not remember having this problem before?

Hi Omar, 

Hard to say without knowing all the details of your environment. Have you changed browsers? Have there been recent security upgrades within your organization? Have you upgraded your Flash Player recently?

Could be a number of reasons, but with security constantly improving across browsers, it's always good practice to test the content in its intended environment. 

Omar Wilkinson

Thanks Peter,

I sent the file to my Wed Admin and he is able to see the interactions.  he has sent me a temp link to the published presentation and I am also able to see the missing interactions.  However, this poses a problem for my team due to us preparing the training, publishing and sending them for approval from SMEs and other stakeholders in my organization.  This would now mean an extra step and involvement from my web admin where it is not necessary.  

Should I now stop using engage because I have just attempted again using another presentation still the same issue.  i will now have to send to my Web Admin and wait for his response in order to have the item reviewed for approval.

Is there a fix planned for this?

Peter Anderson

Hi Omar, 

The main culprit is that Engage interactions within Storyline are treated as web objects - I'm not sure that will change (at least not with Engage '09 interactions). 

What we recommend for local testing (if you don't want to upload the content), is publishing for CD. Then, by launching your course using the Launch_Story.exe that is produced, you will be able to bypass the Flash Player and browser securities. 

I hope that works for you.

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