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Jul 30, 2012

I am trying to publish a very simple Storyline file with some engage interactions that I had made previously to save some time, but the Engage interactions are not publishing.  I am not publishing to HTML5 and I would like the interactions to automatically play when they get that slide.  I've looked at all the options and am still having problems.  What am I missing?



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Jennifer Branum

I did try attaching it earlier and it said that the file was not accepted.  I needed to get the project out ASAP, so I just replicated the engage interactions quickly into a prefabed template offered by storyline.  It was almost easier doing that than dealing with engage and then back to storyline.  I'm really digging Storyline, but am not looking forward to revamping all my engage interactions! 

hipocampus   EaD

I have three classes ready to use resources of articulate engage ... but I can not publish the files. I've tried everything and nothing works out. This problem has happened often, I have avoided using the ENGAGE, but in this case they were ready and did not have time to redo.
I have urgency to solve the problem.
Forgive me if the writing is incorrect, but I'm Brazilian and I use electronic translation tools to communicate with you.
I attach one of the classes for analysis and look guidance to solve the problems of all the others.

Kathie Colonnese

I am a new Articulate Presenter user, so this may be user error. But I too am not able to publish my Engage interactions. I need to publish to Word so that I can present my overview content to my stakeholder. I can publish at the Articulate level, but the Engage interaction does not publish. When I go to help, it shows a Publish icon in Engage. However, I do not have a Publish icon in Engage -- only in Articulate. I attached a screenshot of my menu bar in Engage. Shouldn't there be a Publish option?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kathie and welcome to Heroes! 

Based on the image you've shown, it looks like this Engage interaction is being accessed from a Presenter course, and therefore you'll use the feature to "Save and Return to Presenter" and then you'll publish the whole course from Presenter.  If you open up Engage by itself, do you still see the same set up? If so, I'd begin by conducting a repair of Studio 13. 

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