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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Bruce and Bill,

Bruce requested some backup - while I have to stay neutral I do have to say that Storyline is my favorite :)

I do love Engage interactions - I would say that Engage is probably my favorite portion of Studio. Having said that, however, it looks like the upgraded version of Engage is what's grabbed your attention. If this is the case, I do want you keep in mind that Studio '13 content isn't currently supported in the current version of Storyline. It's been a pretty popular topic - and in order to use Engage '13 content within Storyline, you'll want to insert as a web object. While the behavior is pretty much the same as content imported from '09, it's just not inserted the same way.

In fact, I'm such a fan of both Engage and Storyline, I'm working on some side projects for the interactions. I think Storyline certainly has the capability of creating extremely appealing and interactive interactions - if you have the time and creativity, you can create just about anything, even Engage-like interactions :)

Everyone will have their preference - I suggest trying them both out (all of the products are available free for 30 days). See which appeals to you the most, then go from there.

Best of luck in your decision!