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Feb 06, 2015

Hi team,

Please let me know if Engage 13 and Storyline are compatible.

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Karen Looney


1. When I import engage 09 into a storyline 2 project, the engage file is inserted as an image. What am I missing?

2. If I am able to sucessfully import 09s into SL2 and published to html5, will the interactions work? Or do I need engage 13 and SL2 to have the interactions work in html5?

3. Has anyone done any mapping between the SL2 components and html5 elements? I've seen the chart that lists the SL2 features that work in html5 but I'm looking for a conversion/mapping type of matrix.

4. Where can I find information about using javascript in SL2? For instance, how can I find the "DOM" in SL2 so I know what I have to work with?



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi St. Pete,

1. Are you following along with the steps here in regards to importing the Engage interaction? 

2. Engage interactions are imported as Flash objects. As a result, they aren't supported in HTML5 output or the Articulate Mobile Player app. You could use this method to embed it as a web object which would allow for HTML5. 

3. I'm not sure what type of mapping you're looking for? Could you offer more specifics here? I haven't seen anything by us, but maybe someone in the community has created similar.

4. Here are the general Javascript best practices. Everything else I'll defer to the community. 

Hope that helps!

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