Ensuring name field is not blank

Nov 18, 2013


I am new to storyline and was working with a name field (Text variable). How do I ensure that there is some text entered here and that the user does not just blow past it or enter spaces? Do I need to put another true / false variable or does the Name field variable itself have a feature?

I have looked through the tutorials, but they end at inserting and retrieving the user's name and do not cover conditions.



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Natasha and welcome to Heroes!

When you insert a "text entry" - does it not automatically populate with the text "Type your text here"?

You can enter anything else you'd like into that text entry field while in the slide editing view, and when you users access the course and then go to type in that field, the placeholder text will disappear. Here is a great tutorial on getting started with text entry.

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Natasha,

I'd like to second Ashley's Welcome to the Community!

I recently complete two screencasts on exactly what you've asked, because it's such a frequent question in the community.

Use layers & triggers to pause a slide, ensuring Learners type in their names

or instead

Using a hidden prompt to ensure Learners respond

In case you'd like samples to look at, I've uploaded the first one in this post and will post again momentarily with the second "hidden prompt" one.

Natasha Lobo

Thanks Ashley...and Thanks Rebecca....your examples really helped - that was exactly what I needed! I have a similar course flow to the one in your example by the way

I'm still trying to understand each formula == (ignore case); is not = and so on....but I guess that will take me some time.

Thanks once again!

Is there a place where I can go that will give me more understanding on these formulas? I plan to scourge the net anyways :)

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