Enter to Submit Removes an Attempt on Fill-in-the-blank

I'm creating a Jeopardy style game and encountering an odd error with the enter to submit function on fill-in-the blank questions. (Storyline project attached)

I'm using graded fill-in-the-blank questions so I can type in common misspellings of the correct answers and allow users 3 attempts per question. I didn't set a submit key, but I know fill-in-the-blanks use enter automatically, which is fine for my purposes. The problem is that hitting enter (instead of clicking the custom submit button I created) seems to remove one of their attempts (i.e. users only get 2 tries to answer, not 3.)

I have a custom button on my try again slide, but it's only trigger is to hide that layer and play an audio clip (in that order). I don't understand why that would affect how many tries they get, especially because if users click the custom submit, they get the correct number of attempts.

I have tried setting enter as the submit key and my custom button as the submit key, but neither of those change anything.

Like I said, I don't mind them hitting enter to submit, but if there is a solution that removes this function, that would be even better.


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Lauren

If the data-entry field is on a question slide, pressing the Enter key on the keyboard will submit the learner's response for evaluation. In other words, pressing the Enter key is like clicking the Submit button. This applies to the following question types with data-entry fields:

  • Graded—Fill in the Blank
  • Graded—Numeric
  • Survey—Short Answer
  • Survey—How Many
  • Freeform—Text Entry

So this will be true even for your custom submit button. Once a learner has submitted an answer, that impacts the built-in attempts too. Is there a reason you're looking to track a custom attempt count? 

Lauren Corlett

Hi Ashley,

Oops, I have a retraction to make in my first post: I meant the "try again" layer, not slide. I am not tracking a custom attempt count, I am only using a button on the screen to submit the interaction rather than the one built into the Storyline player.

The problem I was having was that if the user used the submit button they could try to answer the question three times, but if they clicked the enter button they could only answer the question twice. This problem seems to have resolved itself, but I am having a similar problem now.

When the user clicks enter to submit an incorrect answer, they see the "try again" layer, as expected. However, if they hit enter while the "try again" layer is showing it submits the question again and does not hide the try again layer. This is true even if I create a trigger that says: "hide this layer when user presses Enter".