Entering Keywords when Publishing

How are keywords separated in the Keyword field when publishing?

I've tried listing with and without commas in between phrases but I'm not sure what has been working.

For example, should I enter a list like this: Product Resource Inventory Two 2

Or like this: Product, Resource, Inventory, Two, 2

Or use semi colons or what? I couldn't find this specific information in any of the tutorials.

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Andy Whitman

Thanks for your assistance Leslie. But I already read that in the tutorial before I posted above. It's not very clear.

That statement is made in the section that talks to mobile players. I'm not publishing courses for mobile players. I'm publishing to an LMS. I want users to type in a search word that is connected to the published Keywords so they can find the course.

The only way that statement works is if it actually means, "Keywords are only used for the Mobile Player and no other published file, but it is currently not functioning." But I don't think that's the case because why would the keywords be available at all then?

If the keywords actually do not talk to the LMS, then I'll stop using them, if they do talk to the LMS, I need to know how the words are separated. Thanks again!

Andy Whitman

Again, thank you for your help. The tutorial you linked does not answer my question or talk about how keywords carry over from the Project Info window to the Reporting and Tracking window. All I want to know is, does the Keyword field on the Reporting and Tracking window do anything? And if it does, what is the separator between words. The tutorial here does not answer those questions.

Andy Whitman

An update; Just got the E-Learning Uncovered Articulate Storyline 2 book by eLearning Brothers. In it, they say that you can use keywords and to separate them by commas ... Who is correct, Articulate or the book?


It's on Page 231 of the book in the section 'Project Information' in the Publishing chapter, 4th bullet down.

Andy Whitman

Hi Nasieba,

I contacted Artisan E-Learning and they did some research. Keywords do export in the meta.xml file that goes to the LMS. But the LMS has to be set up to have text search functions. Mine apparently does not, and I'm not sure which ones do.

So if your keywords don't work, it's probably due to the LMS.

It also appears that the keywords need to be separated by a comma when you enter them.

Does that make sense?