Entering variable text/numbers - Test Me mode

Hi. I'm currently developing a Test Me module. There are some fields where users have to enter their own numbers and addresses. The version I'm working on lets me enter text when I'm recording the screens but later when I try using the screens, it only shows the animation of the text being entered and doesn't let me enter variable text. I tried adding a data entry box but the minute I click on the field, the animation of me adding the numbers appears and the goes away. I can't do anything further with it.

Has anyone worked on something similar earlier? It would be great if someone could share some steps I could follow.


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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Vinitha.  When you create a screen recording in Storyline, you can insert it as a single video, or as a step-by-step simulation.  Are you inserting this recording as a Try or Test mode?

If so, it sounds like those slides aren't recognizing that you're performing an action, such as entering text.  Tell me a bit about your recording process. 

  • Are you recording an application installed on your computer?
  • Are you recording an application that you access through the web?  If so, what browser are you using?

We'll be ready to help with some next steps!