Entrance animation/exit animation - can we do emphasis?

Sep 07, 2012

I would like an object in Storyline to pulse repeatedly from the beginning to the end of the timeline. In PowerPoint I would use an Emphasis animation - is there a workaround in Storyline?

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Paul Tottle

And my vote. I'm looking at video animation software like Powtoon with pulsing / popping animations, and html Elementor effects like mouse/scroll effects & mini image zoom in/out with hover. Another way forward could be an animated icon library as some of the emphasis effects oscillate between two states.

Jean-Christophe Goyette

What I've done is to put a shape behind whatever I needed to pulse, have both an entry and exit animation (fade in/out; at the same 0.5 sec duration each) and have the following 2 triggers:

  1. Change state of [shape] to Hidden when Entry Animation is complete
  2. Change state of [shape] to Normal when Exit Animation is complete

It creates a loop that pulses using the states.

robert ryon

+1 for emphasis animation. 

How would you create a spotlight effect?  

This is what I currently did...

1. Make 3 copies of image

2. Top version is the cropped area you wish to "spotlight". Add the soft edges picture effect

3. Middle version is normal. Set an exit fade animation with a shorter timeline

4. Back version should be recolored to dark gray

Is there an easier way?

deborah rivera

I can see it's been 2 years since the last note on this discussion and we still don't have emphasis animations.  Is there any reason Articulate is hesitant to add this request?  Will it hinder the functionality of other components?  I know we can probably achieve emphasis using states, layers, and triggers... but the level of effort is considerably higher and not as clean as if we simply had a 'PowerPoint-esque' animation effect.... Any updates on this?

Lauren Connelly

Hi deborah!

Thanks for following up on this feature to add the Emphasis animation in Storyline 360! I'm happy to share an update, but I'm afraid it's not what you're hoping for. We've had features that are a higher priority, so this isn't on our current roadmap. That doesn't mean that it won't be in the future, but right now, our team is prioritizing other features for our upcoming releases. I'll be sure to report back when this makes it on our roadmap.

Jim Jacob

To everyone who s been asking for this.. i think I may have a workaround

Have the object you want to pulse appear last on the layer ( or atleast  as the last animation ). Set the animation time for just a 1oth of a second and then add a trigger " jump to time on this slide " set the time in the trigger to when your object started animating " voila .. you have  a pulse loop