Entry field is valid even if there is no visual character ( ''space'' key problem )

Aug 04, 2017


I am working on a course and I need to insert entry text field that allow users to type their names 

1- I inserted entry text field and button for submission ...

2- I added trigger that prevent submission if the entry text field is blank

I noticed that when i press "space " key ... i can submit it even if the entry field is empty

what can i do to prevent submission if there is no visual character in side the entry field


hope someone can help  

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hi wendy 

thanks for your response ... but the example did not work for me 

what i want to do is to prevent users from jump to next slide if the entry field is visually empty

- the blank trigger didn't work for me  , it considered ''space key'' on the keyboard'' as a letter; so ''submit button'' will be valid  if the user press 'space key ' only and that is the problem

also, if the user wrote her name inside the entry field and then delete it ... the '' submit button will be valid .


Crystal Horn

Hi Sofia!  I can understand wanting to make sure your users are protected from unintentional errors.  That's really thoughtful.

Just an idea:  Can you create a custom layer that will ask the user to try again when the user clicks submit IF the value of the TextEntry variable is a space?  

Obviously you won't be able to account for every errant keystroke, but maybe identifying a few common mistakes will help!

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