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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Thomas,

I am able to copy and paste an equation I wrote in Word into Storyline and it doesn't appear as an image, although it would be an image as described here for Powerpoint. But what about setting them up in Powerpoint so that you could use the same/similar background and it would match once included in Storyline?

If you need to edit an equation that you've imported into Storyline, you'll need to make your changes in PowerPoint. Save the equation as an image (right-click and select Save as Picture) and insert the image into Storyline.

Thomas Bode

What technique are you using to copy and paste from Word? If I click on equation and then select COPY from right click, go to Storyline and Right Click paste, I get an empty text box, The solution that will work for me for now is to use the same background in Word and the snippet tool to capture as an image.