Erratic Behavior and Triggers not working in Storyline 360

Nov 18, 2019

Wondering if anyone else if having this issue? My Storyline360 is acting erratic and it seems like my triggers are not working. I have attached the project below as a reference but feel free to use if you'd like. The die is supposed to bounce and spin and then when the number shows the piece should move that amount of spaces. I am missing a trigger here? I am pretty sure it is my program because when I preview it sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. I emailed support but they are SLOW and not really helping so though I would see if anyone else is having this issue. 

  • Things to note: I have uninstalled and reinstalled Storyline. 
  • I have completely rebuilt my game to see if it was the original file but I had this issue both times. 
  • I am NOT on a shared drive, but I do use a company computer

Thanks everyone! 


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