Erratic behavior on quiz slide when story size is changed from 720x405 to 1600x900

When I customize the story size of storyline file previously made in 720x405 story size to 1600x900, (particularly for a quiz) it causes excessive flickering of the selected rectangle when the mouse is hovered on the choice. Also when the mouse is hovered on the answer choice text the selected rectangle zooms in slightly & shifts its position along with text inside towards radio button on its left. Both flickering of the first answer choice and shifting of choices in the rest invokes a sense of distraction & compromises user experience. Kindly suggest a workaround . I am attaching a video for better understanding.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Abhishek, 

Thanks for reaching out here and sharing a video of the behavior. Changing the story size mid project is not something we'd recommend based on it having to rescale the content to fit the new slide. Have you looked at setting up a new file with the story size and then importing in the slides? Additionally, you'll want to confirm you're working on local project files as described here. 

Let us know how it's behaving after checking into those elements and we're always happy to take a look at the .story file as well.