Erratic behavior when recording simulations that require data entry

Dec 11, 2015

I am creating a software simulation that requires learners to enter lines of code into text boxes. I am recording as I type these lines of code into the software program, and I am expecting Storyline to produce the typing as data fields in a free form slide. The recording generates free form slides but instead of the expected data entry text boxes I get the shortcut keys, CTRL+C and CTRL+V.

Any suggestions as to what is happening?


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Paul B

Hi Leslie,

Basically what is happening is this:

In my recording I am typing lines of code into the command  window of a software program. Instead of generating a freeform slide with a text box, Storyline generates a freeform slide that prompts the user (with a callout) to press ctrl+v (or ctrl+c). In other words, Storyline is not recording my typing.  

In Form View of the slide  the following message is attached to the slide:


"This interaction will be submitted immediately when the user attempts a key combination"



Leslie McKerchie

Thanks for the details Paul.

If you've recorded a screencast that includes typing commands into a command prompt window (as shown below), you may find that some of the expected text boxes, captions, or images are missing when it's inserted into your course as Try Mode or Test Mode step-by-step slides.

It's not always possible for Articulate Storyline to capture input from a command prompt window. To correct this behavior, you may need to add one or more data-entry fieldscaptions, or screenshots after you've inserted the step-by-step screen recording into your course to fill in the missing details.

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