Error en ventana reanudar al reiniciar

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Reviasando un curso que publique con un reproductor clasico, me di cuenta que la ventana de reanudar que sale se veia cortada, al aumentar o minimizar la ventana del explorador, pensé que era por el curso y cree un story basico con 3 diapositivas y me pasa lo mismo, comencé a bajar las versiones de articulate, llegue hasta la 3.40 y sigue el mismo error. No encuentro una solución. Envio imagen y story de prueba. Gracias.


Hi, Reviewing a course that I published with a classic player, I realized that the resume window that comes out was cut, when increasing or minimizing the browser window, I thought it was for the course and I created a basic story with 3 slides and it happens to me the same, I started to download the articulate versions, I got to 3.40 and the same error continues. I can't find a solution. I send image and test story. Thank you.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Helda,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing what you are experiencing with your published output.

This is an issue that we have reported to our team and I've added this conversation to the report.

In the meantime, the workarounds listed are:

  • Set the browser to 'Launch player in a new window' and 'Resize browser to optimal size.'
  • Switch to Modern Player