Error Hotspot Quiz


I'm created a quiz with a screen recording. Everything is working perfectly until I get to the last few test slides. I'm clicking on the hotspot area and getting an error that says "You must complete this question before submitting." I know I'm clicking the correct hotspot: 1. Because I created it. and 2. Because the hover cursor is visible. Eventually it works, but I click the area and get the error message several times before it works (which in turn gets me incorrect answers and I don't pass the quiz). Attached is my project. The error is coming with slides 2.12-2.17

Things I've tried

Making the hotspot area larger

Making the timeline shorter

Adding a trigger to "Jump to next slide when user clicks hotspot"

Deleting the hotspots/triggers on those pages and recreating

Thanks for your help.

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Jeff Forrer

Hello, I took a look.  Starting on slide 2.13, this slide is set to score based on double-click.  Your trigger for submitting the interaction (hotspot) is set to when the user clicks.  So even if you try to double-click, it is going to submit on click. 

I believe you need to change your hotspot trigger to when the user double clicks Hotspot 1, or change your score on Submit to on click vs. double click.