error in player_compiled.js: Uncaught (in promise) DOMException: play() failed because the user didn't interact with the document first.

I am inheriting the output of a project built with what appears to be an old version of Storyline.

My copy of player_compiled.js says this at the top:

var buildNumber=65;var buildDate="20170505 14:09"

When I click on a link that goes directly to a storyline page/video, I see this error in the developer console:

Uncaught (in promise) DOMException: play() failed because the user didn't interact with the document first.
Video.isVideoReady @ player_compiled.js:638
Video.checkReady @ player_compiled.js:638
(anonymous) @ player_compiled.js:610
setInterval (async)
Media.blockOnMe @ player_compiled.js:610
Media.playClip @ player_compiled.js:614
Video.playClip @ player_compiled.js:653
Media.timelinePlayed @ player_compiled.js:613
Slide.notifyTimelinePlayed @ player_compiled.js:475
Timeline.playTimeline @ player_compiled.js:407
(anonymous) @ player_compiled.js:458
Slide.startTransition @ player_compiled.js:462 @ player_compiled.js:458
player.setSlideIndex @ player_compiled.js:1814
(anonymous) @ player_compiled.js:1810
c @ player_compiled.js:430
d @ player_compiled.js:431
setTimeout (async)
d @ player_compiled.js:431
setTimeout (async)
d @ player_compiled.js:431
Slide.blockAndLoad @ player_compiled.js:431
player.showSlideIndex @ player_compiled.js:1809
player.showSlideID @ player_compiled.js:1806
player.revealPostInterstitial @ player_compiled.js:1832
(anonymous) @ player_compiled.js:1845
setTimeout (async)
(anonymous) @ player_compiled.js:1844
setInterval (async)
player.parseStoryData @ player_compiled.js:1841
player.load @ player_compiled.js:1845
(anonymous) @ player_compiled.js:1852
dispatch @ player_compiled.js:69
h @ player_compiled.js:61
trigger @ player_compiled.js:66
(anonymous) @ player_compiled.js:81
each @ player_compiled.js:21
each @ player_compiled.js:15
trigger @ player_compiled.js:81
ready @ player_compiled.js:17
U @ player_compiled.js:26

Can anyone explain what this error means and what I might do to resolve it?

Must I upgrade my copy of storyline somehow?

Can I upgrade my output files w/o having the full project/input files?


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